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OUR  New Line .. For the Urban Moonshiner;; The M line was designed by Broken Oar,,  using a looking glass section or two and a pot still head, comes in 2″ and 3″.. The magic part that makes this great in the 2″ model is the locally designed, a 2″ bubble/sieve plate that is a cross between a sieve plate and a single bubble fitting..

The two inch unit fits on a 30 litre milk can boiler or a T500 boiler, even fits on the Grain Father boiler and will make from 80% down to 50% in a single run…

*Note* For the folks that have a T 500 or Grain Father and want to do even more with them you will need a special lid that I happen to sell ,, all you will need is the tower and M lid.

**For video of the M 140, M 380 units working Please go to our Facebook page.. Broken Oar Distilling Equipment@JanBertAl**

 The M 140EG, This unit can be run on Electric or Gas, 30 liter SS milk can boiler with drain and temp gauge, 2″ looking glass with our own 2″ bubble/sieve plate, and pot still head.. This unit will make 150 proof at 3 liters a hour.. cook on the kitchen counter, fill boiler, plug in to 120V outlet , hook cooling hoses up to sink tap, turn on. That simple..

COST  $900.


Herb or gin basket.,  Designed to give you the flavours you want..

   and will hook up to a 2″ or 3″ tower..

 COST 3″ basket size  $325

             4″  basket size $450 


M 140 E fired on 120 v,  a great in door cooker.. make 70 % shine

 COST :  $ 750


MC 2″ a 6 ” tall cooling section that will drive up your % by 5 to 20 points and smooth out the run..

 comes with Clamp and gasket…

COST :   MC 2″  $150

                 MC 3″     $200


M 380 EG;  a 3″ tower unit on a 50L boiler, 3″ looking glass with bubble plate and the MC 3″ cooler, electric controller and element.. fires on gas or 120V electric..

COST :  $1250



Air Still– cook 4 litres of wash and get 3/4s of a litre at 70 % cut it down to drinking stage and get 1 1/2 litre of shine, turn that in to your favorite drink,, time to cook is 2 hours.. also comes with herb basket for the more exotic drinks… runs on 110V.

 Cost— $300

with herb basket — $325.. 


and so on. .