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In Big Bert’s opinion drinking laws discriminate against folks who don’t like kiddy drinks like wine and beer, we can make beer and wine at home but not whiskey, rum and other spirts, this is not right, also you can own a still but can’t fire it up. Now as far has Big Bert knows there is no law against owning a still you just can’t use it to make Shine. Most stills will distill water and in todays modern world this is becoming a need, so buy a still and after you purified your water add something to ferment and then its time to Shine..

What the world needs are more moonshiners according to Big Bert we just want to make our own shine and not bother anyone. If you are making and selling this is not a good idea as the law and government frown on this because they will miss the tax money which they use to help themselves and their friends in big business and they call it bootlegging.. Saying your a moonshiner sounds nicer than saying your a bootlegger, both will get you friends and jail time if you are caught..

Did you know that drinking well made pure shine will not give you a hangover, bonus for sure…

Big Bert’s work has a consultant for Broken Oar Distilling Equipment is a joy most days, he doesn’t get paid, but he gets to test all the still models they sell, another bonus.If he says they will work and produce they will,,

Now you here all kinds of horror stories about home made shine like ” you will go blind ” .  once I might have gotten a little drunk because I fell on my face in the mud and could not see a thing, but praise the Gods of fermentation, they washed my face with shine and I was cured, could see for miles.. just couldn’t stand..

Herb or Gin Basket..

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 3″ and 4″ With our herb basket , you get out what you put in.. Fill basket with your choice and hook it into you distiller with 2″ tri clamp fittings.. Can be used as a infuser or extractor..  Comes in 4″ and 3″ sizes Cost” — 3″  $325             — 4″  $450
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” Bruce” / security expert / personnel

“If it moves, I am on it”   [ except rats] As far as security goes I look after dogs and humans, it’s Bert’s job to take care of the rats, gees he even eats them, damn I was born in the wild and even I wouldn’t eat a dead rat.. We had one of our own pass away yesterday, “BART”  we will miss him.. Personnel ; well  I’m the guy who decides and...
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Travel the net

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  Travel the net to the following Links they are full of more knowledge than you can absorb . Some of the links are forms, I urge you to join them,these are places you go to and find out all there is to know about stills and distilling. There are more smart people on these sites than there are in government, [yes there are more than two of them] so pick a goofy name, password and you are...
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