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Big Bert’s Daily Rant

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June 23 2016..

Well I am trying to update this site being as every day I get e-mails from around the world telling me my site sucks and the SEO values are to low, what ever the hell a SEO value is. So I just keep changing words around and stuff like that and they say its getting better, who ever the hell they are.. I thought the idea of a site was to sell your stuff and that part is working and could do a hell of a lot better if I worked at it full time.. also the boss who doesn’t pay me says I swear to much, like I give a shit..
Today I am trying to make some mods to a new unit and I need a pipe fitting and there is not one to be had in this town and I need five , makes you want to drink and speaking of such I am out of here..


Here one; you pay $30 for a 750ml bottle of store bought what ever, you are paying $12 for the 40% alcohol and $18 for the 60% water…now that is damn expensive water when you can get it for free out of the tap or pay $5 for 5 gals of purified water, so who is doing it to who ..and why is there so much sand in the Vaseline?????

“OLD”.. as a lot of you know we truck, the outfit I am working for at this point in time just got a bunch of NEW trailers and I don’t get one… this I am told is because I am old and I may not be here for to long [ like I planned on a early death ] or I might up and quit and sell stills full time, I think I will stay around for a few more years just to make their lives a living hell….

Feb 17/14.. Well I got a newer set of trailers today on account of my old ones started to fall apart and drop pieces all over the road.. Thanks and I do get a lot of time off to work on this site..

Feb 24/14… Well its been snowing for three days straight and this is not normal for around here so we have climate change or someone has made the Gods damned mad, but it has given me the chance to get more work done on this site, this is going up tomorrow come hell or high water and that could happen if all this snow melts… I won’t mention that on Saturday I brought the big truck home and slide down my steep driveway hit the wife’s car [ major damage ]  and drove it into the wife’s pickup and  it went through the guard rail  and  over the end of the carport and is now hanging there at a 45* angle, I am not overly popular around here at the moment, but give me a break, I missed the house and I bent my rear licence plate….

FEB 28/14

SEAT BELTS:   now these are things that really get to me, if you are driving a car great but those of us that truck find them a damned nuisance, how in hell are we to move around in side the truck to do our job when you are tied in.  The law sits on the side of the hi way with big spotting scopes to see who’s wearing what, when I see them I always wave, then they phone the office, the office phones me to say that I have to start waving with more than one finger..

Did you know that 30% of all people killed in car accidents weren’t wearing seat belts.. That means that wearing a seat belt will get you killed 70% of the time..

March 02/14

Well I have been at this all damn day and I am farther behind than when I started , half the day spend trying to get my videos  loaded ,no luck yet, does any body want a job???  To make this  site I have had to learn about ; links, forms, pages, posts plugins, skins, sliders ,widgets, duplicators, slugs and a ton of other stuff, WTF I can’t under stand any of it. I need a drink or six….

I had one e mail address now I have five, had to get a new computer, phone, video camera and a printer that does the wifi thing [ its still in the box ] hell man I am still trying to remember how to answer my first phone but the new radio in the big truck will answer it for me and that’s a good thing for it is unlawful to use your phone unless its hands free and it does free up are hands to do the things we need to do while driving, talk on two other radios [ CB and VHS ] eat lunch ,drink coffee, do the paper work, wave at other truckers and steer and shift and  put on our seat belts when the law is around…..

March 05/14
Well can’t think of much to rant about unless its dumb ass pedestrians with hoodies on that walk right out in front of you, now what kind of jerk wad walks out in front of a 50 ton truck causing you to go into full lock up and then looks at you like you are to blame, makes you want to get out and bitch slap the hell out of them, but as a friend said ” it’s only when you see a mosquito land on your testicles that you realise that there is always ways to solve problems without using violence” like using the excuse “sorry I was having a acid flash back” and run over the fool…

One day I’m going down this steep grade, the speedo says 90, the sign says 20kmp corner, I got 7 of 8 axles smoking, I am trying to lite my pipe and my lighter runs out of fluid, thank the gods of trucking I always carry a spare, anyway got my pipe lite, made the corner but had to call a tow truck to pull the seat cushion out of the crack of my butt… Cost $400

Mar. 12/14

 Have you noted that days seem to go by with out a rant??  Me to.. But some days  there is nothing to rant about except the stupidity of the human race and that can go on for ever so I won’t do it to often…..

 Ever time I write the year it sort of shocks me, hell I remember  the early 1950s  and they told us in school that you could retire at 65, the magic year was 2013 when I would be older than my granddad and retired;  yeah that happened.. Its a good thing that I have always been immature for my age, you want to sound old , tell folks that you where born in the first half of the last century. Now what the young have to learn is that you shouldn’t make fun of old folks, we don’t take it well and most of us are armed…..  BB

March 18/14

Two rants today on account I missed a few.

 The news:: I watch or read the news on the internet  haven’t watched TV since 1992,anyway you go on to CBC  find a story to read, hit the button and you get a ad to watch the news….WTF,, I would be if they didn’t put an ad there telling me to watch the news, are they some kind of fools and CTV on the go is worse, there you have to buy a car or some other damn thing before they show you the story…..

 Speeders::  There you are going down the road in a line of traffic and we are all doing the speed limit and some fool just has to pass the whole line playing with their lap top or talking on the phone while not wearing their seat belts, now this does piss me off, why can the rainbow warriors do this yet they get all up tight if I do it…. I have a window with a view.. or they are sitting at a red light and on come the siren and lights, they make the corner ,off go the lights and siren and they pull into Tim’s  for coffee..  now who won’t want to do that…. 

March 22/14
It’s not a rant its about life


August 20/14

Two Rants for the price of  one.

Diesel Engines

Well my fellow truckers and drivers did you know that the diesel engine was invented to do one thing and one thing only, WORK, so why in hell do half of you idle your engines for hours at a time, this my friends is dumb you are wearing out your engines sitting still, remember every stroke costs, not only on wear and tear but diesel also costs and its hard on the environment . Did you also know that the starter was invented to start your unit when it is needed to work and starters cost $800 and engines cost $40,000, do the math and shut the dam thing off when it isn’t working .

Tying down a load

Well at work we have been having trouble with loads shifting, this my friends is because we do not put any effort in to it , not because the fork lift loaded it wrong or the bundle of wood collapsed ,it is because of to short chinch bar and lack of effort. Quick story, I once rolled a truck down a mountain with a load of pipe on it, 360 and all that stuff and no seat belt, I’m still here the truck isn’t but the point of the story is when the unit was pulled back up the pipe was still on the deck, so man up folks put some dam effort in it, and don’t give me that shit about sore backs or other body parts if the load falls off  it could hit me and I would not take that as a friendly gesture , and it makes the rest of us look bad and I do a good enough job making a fool of  myself I don’t need help. So cinch the load to the deck or get a job running dry vans to Winnipeg…

How’s that for a rant??


 Truckers with money..

How that is something I have never seen and I have been doing this dumb ass thing for about 47 years, guys and girls trucks do make money JUST NOT FOR YOU. The outfit you work for, the tire shops, repair shops, the customer, insurance company and the outfit you bought the truck from now these people make money, you generate it for them and you are left with squat. What money we do get we piss away on  $40,000  pickup to drive to work , let it sit there all day then drive it home and let it sit there all night, now there is a sound investment. Oh did I mention the motor bikes, boats, campers  and such that we all buy just to drive our monthly debt through the roof.

Most of us buy trucks because we don’t like working for others and we get to tell the world that we are Independent operators [ that and $2.00 will get you a coffee] if we where smart we would all be company drivers or lawyers,but into days modern world even the drivers don’t make money so overall trucking sucks, but the view is good [love summer and short skirts] ,we get to meet a lot o neat people, we are not stuck in some dam building all day long and there is always something happening out there. So suck it up quit bitching and enjoy the ride, remember you chose the road…