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Big Bert’s Daily Rant

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June 23 2016.. Well I am trying to update this site being as every day I get e-mails from around the world telling me my site sucks and the SEO values are to low, what ever the hell a SEO value is. So I just keep changing words around and stuff like that and they say its getting...

” Bruce” / security expert / personnel

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“If it moves, I am on it”   [ except rats] As far as security goes I look after dogs and humans, it’s Bert’s job to take care of the rats, gees he even eats them, damn I was born in the wild and even I wouldn’t eat a dead rat.. We had one of our own...

Travel the net

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  Travel the net to the following Links they are full of more knowledge than you can absorb . Some of the links are forms, I urge you to join them,these are places you go to and find out all there is to know about stills and distilling. There are more smart people on these...